Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sandy Hook: "Evil did not win."

I know I just posted something, but today is the one-year anniversary of the Sandy-Hook Elementary School shooting, and it is something that definitely deserves recognition.

When the shooting happened, I was in my Current World Issues class. My teacher, Mr. Monroe, turned on the news and we all watched in shock as we heard the report.

I did not have a personal connection with the shooting. I live about as far across the country as you can get, and I do not know anyone out there. But as I watched the reporters talk about what happened, as I saw the faces of the parents who had just found out that one of their children was a victim of this horrendous crime, I was so angry. How could something like this happen? How could someone be so cruel? I couldn't imagine being one of those parents. I just felt terrible.

I feel ashamed to say this, but I was upset with God too. How could he let something like this happen? I prayed about it a lot, asking to comfort those affected, but also asking for the understanding I needed to know why this was allowed to take place. I didn't have a huge revelation or anything, but after a little while I realized something I already knew: Our Heavenly Father gave us agency. Jesus died for us so that we could make our own choices, and sometimes those choices are bad. But without the bad, how would we know the good? Without evil, how could we recognize God's love? This video truly showed this principle. (Warning: Be prepared to cry.)

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