Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Positive Outlook

I was at work today, and I was lucky enough to have a wonderful person say a few things to me that I really needed to hear.

I am a security guard at an art museum, so my job involves a lot of standing and walking around. Today I was standing near a wall when an elderly man in a wheel chair came up to me and said "You must be pretty used to standing by now, huh?" I chuckled and replied, "Yep, I definitely am by now." 

Then he kind of looked in the distance wistfully and said, "I used to stand a lot too, but now I'm used to sitting."

He paused, and I felt both sad and a little awkward, not sure how to reply to his comment.

But then he smiled, looked up at me, and said, "But now I just get to see things from a different perspective." Then he left.

His comment touched me deeply. Someone in his situation could easily be bitter and upset that he was stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But while he was obviously sad, he chose to see it as an opportunity to "see things from a different perspective." 

We should all learn a lesson from this wonderful man. Any situation we're put in should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow. I have been very stressed out these first couple weeks of school because I am taking an extra class and doing some volunteering on top of my regular schooling and work schedule. I have viewed this business many times as an awful thing that I didn't know how I was going to get through. But truthfully, I am so blessed to be doing these things. The extra class is teaching me skills that I had lost many years ago, and the volunteering is giving me incredible experience for my future job. And on top of it all, my packed schedule is giving me a wonderful lesson in time management, something I definitely need to work on. 

So let's all try from now on to view trials as simply a way to "see things from a different perspective."

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