Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, 2013 has come and gone. The new year is a time of reflection in most people's lives, as well as a time for change. Resolutions to be better and live more fully are made everywhere. I have never really been one to make resolutions, although I'm not sure why.

However, I want this year to be different, and to start I'm actually going to make some resolutions. Here they are:

1. Get a flat stomach, along with a six-pack. This is going to tie greatly into my second resolution, which is:

2. LESS SUGAR. I am probably the world's worse sweet tooth, so this is going to be hard, but I need it. And laying off sugar is definitely going to be the deciding factor in my first goal.

3. Be more outgoing. I have always been shy, but I need to break out of my shell and just smile and say hi to people more without being afraid.

4. Read my scriptures for at least five minutes every single day.

5. Have something I've written published. I don't care what it is or where it's published, but this has been on my bucket list for a while. And you know what, why not this year?

Ok. That's it. I promise to keep you updated on these. 

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