Monday, January 20, 2014

I Really Don't Deserve You

So for my Book of Mormon class this semester, we have an 11 Hour Project we are going to be working on throughout the semester. What I chose as my topic was to write a poem, story, etc., every week that related to what we read and talked about. This week we read in Alma 35-42, and this is what I came up with:

I Really Don't Deserve You
By, Anne Taylor

I’m not a perfect person.
I stumble and I trip and I fall.
I try to be good, I really do,
But sometimes I can’t do it all.

I know the difference between right and wrong
I know the choice I should make
But sometimes I choose wrong over right
And afterwards, my heart breaks

All I want to do is be perfect for You.
All I want to do is be Yours.
All I want to do is make You smile.
But these bruises of imperfection make me sore.

I’m sorry for hurting You like this.
I’m sorry for making You sad.
I’m sorry for my faults and my doubts and my fears
I’m sorry that I am so bad.

I don’t deserve You, I really don’t.
I never really did.
You suffered for me, You died for me,
All because of my sin.

You love me perfectly
With a love I can’t comprehend
You gave me an infinitely intimate Atonement
A love that has no end.

You served the justice that I should have bore
You suffered and bled and died
So that later You could show me mercy
When I pleaded and begged and cried

I don’t deserve You, I really don’t
But that’s something You just dismiss
Because You love me so much more than I know
That’s just the way it is

You were there when I celebrated
You were there when I mourned
You were there when I praised you in joy
You were there when my heart was torn

You were there when I hurt
You were there when the days were long
You were there when I was happy
You were even there when I did wrong

So I really don’t deserve You,
I never really will
But I hope You know how much I love You

I always have and I always will.

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