Monday, January 20, 2014

Vocal Point!

This post is a little late, but I have to tell you about one of BYU's a capella groups, Vocal Point.


Vocal Point has been around since 1991. I discovered them in 2010, when they were contestants on "The Sing-Off, where they finished in the top 5 (although they should have won!). After The Sing-Off was over, I listened to them on and off, occasionally watching their Sing-Off performances on Youtube with one of my friends who had also followed the show. Truthfully, I was so in love with the "Sing-Off" group of men that I couldn't stand the thought of liking new members, since they add and lose people every year.

When I found out I was accepted to BYU, one of my first thoughts was that it would be so cool if I could meet them one day. But I assumed at a college of 30,000 students, that was a long shot. Then one day I was walking across campus after my last class of the day when I saw that a crowd had formed around something. As I got closer I heard singing, and to my amazement Vocal Point was giving a surprise performance in the middle of campus! They were incredible, and this was only the second week of school, so they hadn't been practicing for very long. After their performance, I got up the courage to introduce myself to Parker, one of the members. He was extremely friendly, and after a short conversation I began my way back to my apartment, elated. I called everyone I knew, just wanting to tell someone about the life-changing experience I had just had. (Not really, but it felt like that at the time.) I couldn't get a hold of anyone, but I left several breathless messages that I am kind of embarrassed about now when I think back to them.

Once again, I was on a Vocal Point high. Then, only a few weeks ago, I saw that they had just made a matinee concert for when they were performing at BYU (their 7:30 showing had sold out long ago) and I went to buy tickets immediately with two of my friends. Our seats? Second row, directly in the middle. Yeah.

The concert was two days ago, and I had a BLAST. They are just incredibly talented guys, and you can tell they have so much fun onstage. Afterwards we waited in line for like an hour to meet them, and they were so genuine, asking each of us our names, where we were from, and making great conversation. They are very down to earth and so kind. Oh, and way good-looking. And only one, Jake, is married, so there is hope!

Seriously though, I highly recommend listening to them. They have a few CDs out, and they're releasing a new one in April, which I am definitely getting.

Check out their website for information on the members, upcoming performances, and more:

And their Youtube channel:

Do it.

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