Saturday, February 8, 2014

White Boots

One of my church leaders from back home just sent me the link to this video, and I loved it so much. The message is beautiful, and it's one that has been terribly lost in today's world.

It is a video for the song "White Boots" by Jamie Grace.


I mean, the song is super catchy and I fall in love with Jamie Grace's voice every time I hear it, but read the message. You don't have to rush things when it comes to love! Countless movies portray beautiful women going to bars, meeting an attractive man, going home with him, and sleeping with him that night. And even girls who would consider that to be skanky still think it's ok to have sex before marriage. I know this is a touchy subject, but I just can't stress enough how much happier girls would be if they waited. I know there are plenty of people in healthy, happy relationships who have lived and slept together before they were married, and are still doing wonderful. But there are also plenty of young, unmarried girls with STD's and pregnancies who are having to now carry a lot of responsibility and pain, often without a man anymore.

Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to see your true love on your wedding day, and know that he is clean? Not having to wonder how intimate he has been with other girls, or how "dusty" his boots really are? That is something I look forward too so much. But to have a man like that, you have to be that woman who is clean and pure as well.

We all make mistakes. I don't want anyone to think that I'm sitting here saying I'm perfect, because I am NOT. I have made so many mistakes in my life, and I continue to make them every day. Some mistakes can't be undone, but it is never to late to repent and be forgiven. Never, never, never too late.

You will find your true love one day. It can seem really hard to believe that sometimes, I know. I'm turning 19 in five months and I still haven't had a boyfriend, or even kissed a boy! Yes, I get really discouraged sometimes, and I wonder if anything like that is going to happen to me. And I totally understand how tempting it could be to go too far with someone you really like or even love. Maybe you're afraid you won't find that kind of love again, or maybe you just want to express that love and this seems like the right way to do it.

I know most people reading this are going to think I'm that annoying Mormon girl who is trying to shove her religion down your throat. I'm not, I promise. I don't know how to say it more clearly than that. I just want people to be happy, and waiting and staying clean is one of those ways. I guarantee it.

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