Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Facing Fears Head-On

In case you didn't know, I love America's Got Talent. It's pretty much the only TV show my family actually follows, which is saying something since we don't watch a lot of television.

Besides being extremely entertaining, my favorite thing about AGT is how inspiring it can be. These are people who have come from all walks of life- young or old, poor or wealthy, anyone can audition and change their life through this show.

Last week there was a performance that really touched me. The video gives all the background, so I'm not going to explain anything. Just watch, and I'll talk afterwards.

I think Drew Lynch is so inspiring because he faced his problem as directly as he could. After he developed his stutter, Drew could have done a lot of different things to cope with his pain. Don't get me wrong- whatever someone does to heal physically and mentally is completely their choice and they know what is right for them. But instead of trying to hide his new development, Drew emphasized it. He traded in frustration for humor. He chose to make people laugh instead of making them feel sorry for him. That's not just coping with a new problem- it's solving it. I think that's so great.

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