Sunday, April 10, 2016

Teaching in China

This post is just going to go over what my teaching schedule is like while I'm here, for those who are interested.

Monday-Wednesday I teach from 2:15 to 5:25. Lunch is at 11:30 and after that we will usually go to the school and prepare our lessons until it's time to start. It is a pretty easy schedule. On Mondays and Wednesdays we pick up 2nd graders and first and do two rotations with them, which are 25 minutes long. Then we take them back to class, pick up the 1st graders, and have four rotations with them. Everyone is assigned a group. I have the "Blue" group. We end with our home group every day. I have a home 1st grade group and a home 2nd grade group. So we teach other people's groups but evaluate our own and do more with our own group.

Thursdays we only teach until 4:30, so we have two rotations for each grade. Fridays are super short and we only have one rotation for each grade.

I have to let it be known- We may only teach for a max of three hours a day, but it feels much longer than that. Chinese kids are...insane. They have so much energy and they don't really consider us an authority. The Chinese teachers here are allowed to hit the kids and we aren't, so the kids will be a lot worse for us because they know we can't really do anything. Plus the language barrier is awful because especially with the first graders it often feels like they take in absolutely nothing from our lessons. Everything we teach is in English, and the children are not allowed to speak Chinese at all during the lesson. That never happens, of course, we just have to do our best to get them to stop speaking Chinese. Everyone is exhausted by the end of the day.

That being said, the kids are adorable. They are so sweet and cute and fun to be around. Their energy is infectious. Nothing makes you feel better than a eight year old Chinese girl telling you you're beautiful.

I am absolutely in love with my kids. Both my first grade class and my second. I'll try to get individual pictures of each of them up here sometime. They love pictures, which is great but it's also hard to get a clear one because everyone want to be in the shot!

First grade:
Leo- Leo is a dream. He is just so cute and the funniest kid. He makes me laugh every day. He's also a very good student and will do his best to listen to me in class and participate a lot.

Wing- Wing is so fun. At first glance she is the sweetest, shyest little girl but she'll stand up for herself if she wants to. Once she hit one of my boys and made him cry because he was teasing her. She's really smart too.

Michael- Michael can be a little difficult sometimes, but he is easily one of the smartest kids in my group. He likes to goof off and not try, but when he does he definitely knows what's up.

Bryce- Bryce has been my favorite student to watch progress. He started off being so difficult to work with- he wouldn't try, he wouldn't speak, and he would just talk to everyone in Chinese. He still goofs off a lot and has a hard time grasping concepts, but I have seen definite improvement in him. I've learned that if he sits next to me he follows the lesson much better.

Marcus- Oh, Marcus. I love this boy. He is just cute. He's a bit of a stinker, but nothing too bad. Currently he's missing his front two teeth which makes him that much more adorable. He also has the most genuine laugh. There is just pure joy in that face. Also I'm pretty sure he has a crush on Marley.

Caleb- Caleb is just funny. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more going on in his head then he lets on. He likes to just stare at you with a blank look on his face for ages. He's very sweet though.

Marley- And my sweet Marley. Marley is the ideal student- she is smart and kind and participates fully in every class. She and Wing are best friends, which is so cute. Lately Marley has been doing this thing where I put up my hand for a high five and she tickles my hand instead. Melts my heart every time.

Second Grade:
Coco- Coco is my perfect child. She is smart and genuinely so kind and speaks really, really good English. I love everything about her.

Bayley- I'm not going to lie, I wasn't crazy about Bayley at first. She is very touchy. She also really likes to pinch my butt, which is weird. But I've gotten used to her and now I just adore her. She can be a bit of a handful but she's very smart and sweet.

Hayden- Hayden is just a typical boy. He loves to pretend to shoot me with guns and run around and be crazy. He takes a little longer to grasp words but he tries really hard. He is extremely sweet.

Bill- Bill is one of my smartest. He is also very similar to Hayden and likes to play fight with him. One of my favorite memories ever though was when we were doing face painting for an Easter Party for the kids and at first Bill wanted nothing to do with it because it was too girly. Then he saw Hayden get a rocket ship on his cheek, so Bill decided to go for it. And he picked a butterfly. So I drew this butterfly on Bill's cheek with I melted.

Emma- Emma is very quiet but easily one of my best students. It took her a lot longer to warm up to me, but now that she has I just adore her. She is very kind and I love being around her.

Hazell- Hazell was another student I wasn't crazy about at first. She can be kind of moody, which is strange for an eight year old. But she has improved lately and actually has very good English. She has gotten much sweeter towards me as well.

David- I'm not sure if I've completely figured David out yet. He is a big kid- very tall for his age. He's pretty smart too, but sometimes it takes him a while to get things. Sometimes he's loud and goofy and other times he's quiet and shy. I really like teaching him though.

Tony- Tony, Tony, Tony. Tony cannot sit still. He is physically incapable of sitting still for more than five seconds. He is also the clingy-est child I have ever encountered in my life. I've had times I've look away from him and in two seconds he was sitting on my lap. He loves to hold my hand and wrap my arms around him. He can be exhausting to be around, but I love him so much. He is so sweet.

Morgan- Morgan cracks me up. She is this tiny, cute, little girly-girl who wears bows in her hair every day and is super quiet. But when she get crazy she gets really crazy. Like, shakes her whole body around and screams crazy. But she's good in class and always makes me smile.

 Marcus on the left and Michael on the right.








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