Monday, October 17, 2016

Growing Pains

I like to dabble in poetry from time to time. Here's a poem I wrote for a class a couple of years ago.

I watched the sun explode on the horizon
and you with your arms splayed
absorbing its energy one more time

we positioned ourselves on dry grass and pinecones
discussing how well the Yankees
had played yesterday

then you brought up tomorrow
how these days wouldn’t happen
and the sun hid from our faces
to avoid the silence

I said you were right
but I wasn’t going to change the world
if I stayed here

you said I could if I tried

I decided to smile instead of the alternative
and I gave him an affectionate shove
our personal “I love you”

then we raced each other down the hill
trying to outrun time
and keep its sticky fingers out of

our pockets for one more day

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