Saturday, November 5, 2016

China Videos

It took me five months, but I finally compiled a video about my adventures in China earlier this year! 

OK, I'm not really that bad. I made this video over the summer after I got home. I've been waiting to share it because I was hoping to post it along with a beautifully written piece about how China changed my life and all that good stuff. The article is yet to be written, so I decided to share the video to maybe give me some motivation to write about it? I hope so. 

Here's China in 30 seconds just for fun: 

And here, in all its 17 minute glory, is the longer version. There was so much I didn't put in here because 17 minutes was already long enough, but this gives a much better idea as to what my time in China was like.

Oh boy, getting a little emotional over here after watching that again. I really do miss China. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I had a lot of moments where I wanted nothing more than to leave it forever and go home. But I think about China and my students every single day fondly. I miss the culture and the food (well, some of it) and the people and what an incredible place it was. I learned a lot there about other people as well as myself. 

I promise an article about my experience is in the future!

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