In Zhongshan, where I'm lived in China from February-June of 2016.

 Shanghai, China.

 SuZhou, China.

 Zhangjiajie National Park

Baofeng Lake, Zhangjiajie

Salt Lake City Temple


Lilacs at my house. (They're my favorite flower!)

The falls at Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA.

Visiting the cemeteries on Memorial Day. 

Adventure trip with a friend!

The little beauties in nature. 

A bird's nest we discovered.

I actually really liked this picture. I'm not sure why. 

The waterfall. I think the place is called Bridal Falls, and it's in the canyon in Provo, Utah.

The sun disappearing behind the mountains.

This is probably my favorite picture of them all. The light on the pond was gorgeous.

None of these photos are edited, so I could have made this stand out better, but this is what I got with just my camera. It was way cooler in real life. The tree looked like it was on fire. 

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah at Christmastime. 

This is pretty much what the entire square looked like. 

This isn't a very exciting picture, but it's what our entire property looked like when I was home over Christmas break.

My cousin's dog, Nike.

More frost-covered beauty.

The view from the top of our mountain.

The sun tried to come out for just a second.

This photo was taken at about 6:00 am in October. I got up at 4:30 with my roommate and a couple of very nice boys who were kind enough to drive us up Alpine to the top of this mountain. We got there just before sunrise, and I took quite a few picture at the top, but none that I was in love with. A little bummed out, we started driving back down the mountain and I started to fall asleep when the guy driving slammed on the breaks and was like, "Anne. Get out. Now." I grabbed my camera and stepped out of the car to see this gorgeous scene. 


This is a kitten I got to play with while I was babysitting some of the cutest children in the world. 

This is a collage I made of the Spokane, Washington temple (my home temple). I made it as a gift for my young women's group right before I left for college. 

Still Utah Lake. This horse was super pretty but it wouldn't come over to me, so I had to get this shot. 

My beautiful roommate and dear friend Rachel got engaged in November, and she asked me to take her engagement photos! So much fun.